single 12 cabinets loaded with Eminence GB128s.  4 watt 59 sitting on top.  Pretty cool little rig.




New stuff happening at the shop!  JCM 800 style amps in construction. My 800s are a little hotter than the originals and a voiced a little more modern. These two are 4 watters but I can make these in any power.  I need to get more chassis made up as it seems that everytime Im out of something that’s what people want.  As always, send me an email if you have questions or want to order something. I do get all the emails that are sent to me -believe it or not- even if this site doesnt get updated very often.  Im not a web designer -its not my thing, Id rather be building amps.  Maybe I can sucker someone into looking after my site and prettying it up a littlle.



New chassis !!!!!

amp 1amp 2

New chassis have finally arrived.  All new amps will have powdercoated 16g steel chassis with silkscreened graphics.  I only have chassis for the ’59 amps right now but hopefully in the near future Ill have chassis for the Lead X as well. for now the Lead X amps will have Laser etched aluminum panels.  These chassis turned out great and look awesome!  And, as always, I only use JJ tubes or NOS vintage tubes in these amps.  I have a small collection of RCA, Sylvania, and GE power tubes (6AK6) for these amps.

New shop

shop 3

Its been a busy time here at Republic Amps. I finally moved into my new place and Ive been frantically trying to get my new shop space built and finished before the cold weather moves in .  I cant wait to move all my stuff in but I still have to build a new work bench and apply some sound deadener to the walls in various places to kill some of the “echo” and high frequency noise that flat walls seem to enhance.  Not a good place to test amps yet.  But still, Im excited  because the space looks fantastic and should have enough outlets and room to handle all of my current needs.

Four watt revolution

It really makes me happy when people contact me about the amps I’m making and tell me they’ve been looking for low powered amps just like mine. I love big bottle amps too but I can never find the space or location
to let one really rip. I have a Bugera 1990 100W head in my shop that I resurrected and It sounds OK at low volumes and noticeably better at anything above 7 on the master. After about 10 minutes like this I pretty much cant hear anything. I have gotten used to doing extended jam sessions on my amps at my friends place for hours on end. Oddly enough, my 4 watt amps are much louder than people usually expect. I just introduced a new “59″ model plexi type amp that really sounds good at when pushed past 5 on the master. I would never be able to do this with a real plexi. Not whenever I wanted anyway. Hopefully more people will rise up and join the low power revolution!1145

The Future….

I would love to get my amp on stage with a really great band and it looks like that may very well happen.
I was contacted by the guitar player from Atoms Fall about possibly building him a 30 watt version of the Lead X. As it turns out I purchased all the transformers and a matched set of TUNG SOL 5881 tubes a while back. Transformers are custom units from Edcor made right here in the US. They make some damn sexy transformers and they look like they mean business. I already have a chassis drilled and ready for graphics -just waiting to get my shop back up and running after moving. This should be an exciting deal and great exposure for Republic Amps!edcor


Plexi Power

Well, I decided to take one of my old prototypes that never really found a place in my
shop and converted it into something a little more exciting. I wired up a super clean amp a long time ago to answer a few questions about how the low power output stage would overdrive and what kind of clean headroom I could expect out of a pair of 6AK6 tubes. Nobody really took to this amp. I sent it home with a few friends to beat on it and give me some honest feedback and everyone pretty much said the same thing -its too clean. “Needs more dirt”. So more dirt they got. Converting this amp to a convincing 59 plexi circuit was simple indeed. All the tubes sockets and wiring were in place. I even had just the right amount of pots of the correct values in place too. I just needed to rearrange the order so I could have volume 1 and 2 back to back followed by the standard bass middle treble presence arrangement. A few mixer resistors later and I was in business. I probably should have mentioned that I just sold my house and had to do this on my in-laws dining table after everyone left for work -hey, you do what you gotta do sometimes. Anyway, I get this thing wired up and I’m short 1 12ax7. Figures, since all of my shop stuff is packed into storage. Lucky for me I had a new JJ12ax7 in the cup holder of my Tahoe. In it went and with no test time I tossed the amp behind the seat and it was off to a local guitar store that wanted to check out the Lead X amp that day. I was hoping to get this amp working so they would have 2 amps to check out and they weren’t disappointed. I showed up at the store and after handshakes all around we grabbed the heads and plugged into a standard Marshall cab loaded with GT-75s. This is what happened….what a great sounding amp!!!

Plexi Power
Gut shot