• 3x 12ax7 preamp tubes  
  • 2x 5881 power tubes  
  •  2x 5881 power tubes  
  •  series FX loop
  •  powder coated chassis with silk screened graphics
  •  Turret board construction
  •  Custom EDCOR transformers
  •  leather carrying handle  
  •  Baltic Birch head shell with finger joint  construction
  •  Available Bedliner covered or with classic Tolex  
  •  Made individually by hand in the USA! 

Republic 59

Modeled after the famous "Plexi" era amps, the Republic 59 recreates the sought-after classic tones of British rock -with some modern updates. The 59 features 2 master volumes, one for the treble channel, and one for the bass channel . The input is internally jumpered  to both channels so no more combining channels with a patch cord -just bring each volume up independently or blend them together for extra crunch or fatness.  

Price: $899.00

Buffered FX loop